Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Generally Genial Message from Mark A. Vierthaler

  • 2

    Week One: Evaluating Your Business

    • Lesson One: Location

    • Lesson Two: Working with Your Space

    • Lesson Three: To Cocktail or Not to Cocktail...

    • Key Takeaways: Week One

  • 3

    Week Two: Better Bring Your Branding

    • What We Mean When We Talk "Brand"

    • Lesson One: What do you stand for?

    • Lesson Two: Creating a Simple Marketing Plan

    • Lesson Three: Your Tasting Room Experience

    • Lesson Four: Your Brand, Your Merch, Your Tasting Room

    • Key Takeaways: Week Two

  • 4

    Week Three: Legal Stuff

    • Lesson One: TTB Requirements

    • Lesson Two: State Requirements

    • Lesson Three: Municipal Requirements

    • Lesson Four: Liquor Control Board Requirements

  • 5

    Week Four: Staffing

    • Lesson One: Hiring Staff

    • Lesson Two: Training Staff

    • Lesson Three: Retaining Staff

  • 6

    Week Five: Menu Design

    • Lesson One: In-House Cocktails

    • Lesson Two: To-Go Cocktails/Cocktail Kits

    • Lesson Three: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails/Kids Offerings